miércoles, 29 de marzo de 2017

Some thoughts about Old Man Logan #20

Can Wolverine go back to his past?

Logan needs the help of Asmodeus to save the Hulk baby he left years ago. However, is not the best decision to trust a villain.

This new storyline continues and is decent I suppose.

Jeff Lemire brings a new chapter where he developes the direction he has been planning for a while. It's revealed why Logan needs the help of Asmodeus and in the context it makes a lot of sense. The characterization is entertaining for the most part, I do like how Asmodeus is basically a buffoon who just happens to be able to access to great power which makes his interaction with Logan really entertaining (although I'm not sure if this portrayal is correct considering I don't know anything about the villain).

However, I felt like not a lot happened during this issue. I mean, we move from point A to point B but there wasn't anything particularly exciting about it. I wish Lemire would have implemented a bit more content halfway.

Still, the cliffhanger is interesting enough I guess.

Filipe Andrade handles the artwork and is appropriate for some of the supernatural scenes but at times it can look rough.

An okay read but I hope the next one is better.

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