jueves, 9 de marzo de 2017

Some thoughts about Supergirl #7

How can Supergirl help others?

After the last attack of the Cyborg Superman, Kara still has to deal with one of the Kryptonians he helped and she will have to do it the best way she can.

After the last long storyarc, is good to see a one-and-done story.

Steve Orlando uses this issue to finally handle the plot-point that was created during the initial Rebirth installment with a mysterious Kryptonian being treated to save him. Is cool to see that Orlando is using some of the best creations from the New 52 like Dr. Veritas who is pretty interesting character by herself while the exploration of some Kryptonian elements is compelling.

The best part though, is the character work. Orlando once again exploits pretty accurate and classic Supergirl aspects about inspiration and hope to create the connection between both Kryptonians while exploring the background of the new one which delivers a pretty content-packed story with a lot of heart.

Matias Bergara's artwork is not the best and not much better than Ching's to be honest. Is still a bit too rough without beautiful enough characters to be invested into but at the story is followed decently.

Other than that, solid chapter. Hope the next storyarc is shorter though.

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