miércoles, 29 de marzo de 2017

Some thoughts about Justice League of America #3

The Justice League has infiltrated Kravia but that's only the beginning.

Havok and the Extremists have taken control over the entire nation and they causing terror everywhere. Now is up to the League to try to free them before they cause any more damage.

Well, this was at least more enjoyable than the last few issues.

Steve Orlando continues his story about the Marvel villains pastiches by revealing a bit more of their skills and backgrounds. The best thing about it is the characterization, particularly whenever the Justice League member appears since they all have enjoyable moments that reflect their personality nicely (I particularly liked when people ask them to reveal their faces and Vixen says that Batman's mask is his actual face).

However, some of the dialogue can be a bit too blunt, once again, based on how some of the characters reveal their backgrounds, the most obtuse examples being when The Ray and the Doctor Mysterio analogue reveal their backstory basically out of nowhere.

The plot itself is simple but it gets the job done so far.

Diogenes Neves handles the art and despite that he's no Ivan Reis, he still does a pretty solid job, in fact is probably his best work recently full of expressive characters and strong action scenes.

Not bad, a few issues here and there but they don't ruin the read.

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