miércoles, 22 de marzo de 2017

Some thoughts about Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps #17

Can Kyle Rayner prove that he can still belong to the Green Lantern Corps?

Ganthet and Sayd need the help of the White Lantern to save the universe but both will suddenly realize that they will need even more than that.

A transition issue but a pretty solid one at that.

I don't think I'm saying many spoilers here considering the cover. Robert Venditti offer a new installment where he mostly focuses on characterization. There are several plot-points being created after the last intense chapter where Guy battled Arkillo to death, many of the members of the cast receive their own time in the spotlight including the obligatory reunion of the team with Guy and a pretty touching conversation between Hal and Kyle.

The most important part comes half-way once that Kyle is forced to use his White Lantern powers in a way that also forces him to adopt his Green Lantern persona once again. The build-up to that point is well-handled and is always cool to see Kyle in his original costume.

Ethan Van Sciver handles the artwork and once again, he impresses with every panel thanks to his detailed style that makes the script much bigger in terms of scope.

Quite enjoyable, excited for what's coming next.

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