miércoles, 8 de marzo de 2017

Some thoughts about Red Hood and the Outlaws #8

What is the story about Artemis?

Jason can't help but ask his new friend what brought her to his side and the answer could put both of them in the right path.

Some good aspects and others not so much.

Scott Lobdell uses this issue to finally explore some of the origins of Artemis and reveals what she was doing before meeting Jason. The character work is pretty solid since it showcases her past and her relationship with a friend/lover that cemented the direction she took while also creating her connection to Wonder Woman. As a whole the set-up of Jason and Artemis having a drink and talking about their old days is charming in its own.

Few complaints though and this is the usual Lobdell stuff about the overwritten narration that at times tells more than it should, particularly when it presents both characters that most of us already know.

Keneth Rocafort returns to the series and I was missing him a lot due to his creative and beautiful style although I must say that I prefer Dexter Soy's cleaner artwork.

Not bad, just a few issues, hope the next story is promising.

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