miércoles, 8 de marzo de 2017

Some thoughts about Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #8

The Birds of Prey will have to face a new enemy.

Nightwing has been looking for one of mysterious criminal without knowing that she's connected to a much bigger threat and now will need the help of Barbara and the rest.

Pretty decent installment.

Julie and Shawna Benson deliver a new storyline focusing on several aspects at the same time. To be honest, the plot is not as important as much as the characterization it creates as well as the characters it reintroduces. The way how both Barbara and Helena react once that they find Dick was pretty realistic and it was cool that they didn't fall for the usual cliches while also finally exploring a bit of what happened between Dick and Helena once that the series Grayson ended.

Plus, there are a few sub-plots being developed here while reintroducing a classic DC villain in a pretty logical way. There are a few problems here and there like how the team starts saying one-liners just when Dick is being stabbed which is pretty silly but they don't ruin the read.

Roge Antonio handles the artwork and is pretty solid thanks to his clean style and strong storytelling.

Enjoyable enough, intrigued about where this is going.

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