miércoles, 8 de marzo de 2017

Some thoughts about Titans #9

Are the Fearsome Five actually back?

The Titans are ready to face their old enemies but they are assuring them they have changed their ways. However, the team knows better than that.

Not a bad continuation but not great either.

Dan Abnett brings a new chapter where he continues to explore a bit of the connection between the Titans and the Fearsome Five. The characterization is solid enough with all the members of the cast discussing about the sudden change of heart of their enemies while utilizing Roy's background to explore such aspect in a pretty understandable way.

That being said, the plot doesn't offer any surprising twist since it becomes pretty obvious pretty quickly that the Fearsome Five are actually lying and they're just manipulating the team. However, the most interesting aspects might arrive in following issues.

Brett Booth's artwork is pretty vibrant during the action scenes but not that good during the most personal moments.

Decent overall despite of some problems, hope the next one is better though.

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