miércoles, 8 de marzo de 2017

Some thoughts about New Superman #9

The New Superman is about to meet more of his own kind.

Kenan has just arrived to Metropolis and Lex Luthor is decide to use this opportunity to put him on his side but there are bigger matters at hand.

Not bad but there were some things that bothered me here.

For one, Gene Luen Yang uses this issue to finally making Kenan explore the rest of the DCU, particularly Metropolis which clearly has a big connection to him. The way how Kenan's background is related to Lex and his tech is implemented in a logical way and their dynamic is interesting enough. The inclusion of I-Ching in the plot makes it more entertaining and the interaction between Kenan and him is quite enjoyable.

On the other hand, I don't like some of the reinventions here, particularly China White. This is my inner Green Arrow fanboy talking here but I don't like her portrayal so far. At first I was thinking it was quite a disappointment that she's being presented in another book that is not Green Arrow but as long as her depiction was good, I wouldn't care that much.

That's not the case here though, she's portrayed as a kind of an antihero with her own team of metahumans which is not her classic version at all. China White used to be a pure villain with a rotten heart whose business was focused on drugs and preying on the weaker. This incarnation is simply out of character and I hope she's reinvented soon already.

Victor Bogdanovic's artwork on the other hand, is perfect. Full of beautiful and expressive characters with a great sense of storytelling.

Wish some things would have worked better but this was still readable.

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