miércoles, 15 de marzo de 2017

Some thoughts about Nightwing #17

Nightwing will have to fight against his own fears.

A creature named Deathwing has appeared to kill both Dick and Damian but he might be just the beginning of a much bigger threat.

Well, this chapter was quite fun.

Tim Seeley offers a new installment where he once again deconstructs the character of Nightwing by depicting a lot of his characterization in the form of a new enemy. We see several aspects of Dick Grayson that remain hidden since he doesn't allow them to come out so they need to be explored in Deathwing. Damian also receives a solid portrayal that is pretty reminiscent to their Batman and Robin days.

There's also a decent amount of creativity here since Seeley includes visions of alternate versions of the characters which might be familiar to a lot of people including the original Deathwing in his whole 90's glory.

And that reveal at the end makes a lot of sense.

Javier Fernandez continues in pencils and his work is still quite good in terms of storytelling while his rough style is pretty appropriate for the creatures that appear here.

Really enjoyable, excited for the next one.

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