miércoles, 8 de marzo de 2017

Some thoughts about Superwoman #8

What's the mystery behind Superwoman?

Lana has suffered the same fate of Clark and Lois and now is having visions that might make her finally understand what actually happened.

WOW! Lots of metacontext and overall content going on in this issue.

Phil Jimenez basically brings the epilogue of this particular incarnation of Lana by exploring the nature of her powers and existence as a whole. The character exploration is really, really good with the writer referencing a lot of New 52 Lana's journey and how her personality has been developed over the course of the years while showing really strong and accurate aspects of her.

But more importantly, Jimenez tries to bring closure to her as well as the New 52 versions of Lois and Clark while explaining in a sort of way what actually occurred to them and making their send-off really heartful and nostalgic. Even Lex manages to have an emotional moment with his sister. It was quite well-written.

Jack Herbert and Stephen Segovia share the pencils and they manage to depict really expressive characters along with strong storytelling.

This is a pretty good farewell to a particular era. I want to read it once again to caught all the details.

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