miércoles, 22 de marzo de 2017

Some thoughts about Blue Beetle #7

The Blue Beetle will need to regain his humanity.

Jaime has been lost in the power of the scarab and he will need the help of Doctor Fate to save him. However, there are more threats ahead.

Yeah, this is not working for me.

Keith Giffen delivers a new chapter of his story and it seems like some of his old habits are appearing. This issue apparently has a lot of content due to the multiple segments and characters it utilizes and while there's nothing particularly "bad" about them, it still shows a lack progression as a whole. I did enjoy the more personal moments between the characters, especially Paco and Brenda which perfectly shows what the title should focus on.

Unfortunately, most of the issue focuses on Doctor Fate and is quite frankly pretty boring with scenes that advance the plot a little bit but don't feel powerful enough to be invested in them. Is the worst part of the issue and almost makes me want to drop it.

Scott Kolins' artwork is solid enough with some creativity during the supernatural scenes but it can look rough at times.

I wish the book would concentrate more on the normal life of El Paso with a bit of superheroics here and there. So far, this is not getting better.

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