miércoles, 29 de marzo de 2017

Some thoughts about Titans Annual #1

Can the Titans and the Justice League work together?

Both teams have found themselves trapped and will have to forget their differences if they want to escape. However, there are things between them that can't be forgotten.

Oh, so THAT is the reason why Donna is so different compared to the pre-Rebirth version.

Dan Abnett uses this Annual to create an interesting interaction between the Titans and the Justice League. Mind you, at times it seems a bit forced, at times it feels like Abnett is relying too much in the overly-typical "The JL still see the Titans as kids" but he still creates a solid dynamic between them, particularly Barry and Wally.

Most importantly though, we finally see the explanation about why Donna changed her character. As most people know, she was recreate during Meredith Finch's Wonder Woman run as a weapon to destroy Diana and it seems like Abnett is tweaking that origin a bit by revealing that to protect Donna and the rest, she altered her memories to believs that she has always been Diana's sidekick. Mind you, I wouldn't have blamed if Abnett would have ignored the disastrous Finch run but is still cool that he followed the continuity and improved on it.

Plus, there are some plot-points being created here for upcoming stories as well.

Minkyu Jung handles the pencils and the work is pretty solid with expressive characters and clear storytelling although it doesn't look that polished at times.

Enjoyable overall, interested to see where this is going.

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