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Some thoughts about Batgirl Annual #1

Can Batgirl keep their friends in check?

Supergirl needs Barbara's help for a mission that might turn out to be more dangerous than they expected.

A new Annual is here and it gives me mixed thoughts.

Hope Larson handles the main story about the team-up between Batgirl and Supergirl and is decent enough as it is. I have a few problems about they say that this is their first encounter since I'm pretty sure they have met before but what follows gets the job done as far as superheroics go with both heroines cooperating to help a metahuman. The dialogue works nicely and the characterization is accurate.

This is also connected to upcoming stories from their respective books and it mostly works as prelude for that matter. There's a bit of forced social commentary that I've seen several times before and doesn't offer much new.

Inaki Miranda's artwork here is solid with expressive characters and clear storytelling but I've seen better from him before.

There's actually a second story which focuses on both Babs and Alysia, about how they haven't been in touch in a long time and want to celebrate their anniversary as friends. This is pretty accurate in-story and shows how much the writer has been paying attention to the continuity while creating a pretty exciting story where they revisit a villain from Batgirl's rogue gallery with tons of fun moments. Plus, it presents the most enjoyable characterization of Alysia I've seen in a while. Is definitely the best story of the two from the Annual.

Then at the end I realized why I liked this story so much compared to the first. This is actually written by Vita Avala who managed to make a more energetic and overall more entertaining work than Larson which makes me interested in reading more from her. Same case about Eleonora Carlini who handled the artwork here since she has a pretty appealing semi-cartoony style that provides great expressions for the characters.

Worthy for the second segment although the first is not bad per se. Good read.

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