miércoles, 29 de marzo de 2017

Some thoughts about Booster Gold/The Flintstones Annual #1

Booster Gold needs to save history but is that really true?

An alien race wants to destroy humanity in the future and Booster will have to travel to the past to see what caused it although what he finds will surprise him.

Well, this was pure Mark Russell's writing all right.

I've been anticipating this particular story for a while since I've been loving Russell's Flintstones since its beginning and I'm happy to say that this doesn't disappoint. Mind you, I have a few problems about how much of a douche Booster can be here but it fits into the caricaturesque writing that the author creates. As usual, Russell focuses mostly on satire, judging a lot of important aspects of society like science, religion and how humanity can destroy their own planet.

And all of it is hilarious, is hard not to laugh about how Booster is pretty much responsible for a war between races and how the savior of the alien race starts judging them for misusing his message and all is pretty on-point. The ending is pretty ridiculous and shows how at the end nothing is really learned.

Rick Leonardi is in charge of the pencils and his work is not particularly beautiful, some of the character models lack definition but the storytelling is clear enough.

Quite enjoyable, wish the rest of the crossovers were like this.

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