jueves, 23 de marzo de 2017

Some thoughts about Teen Titans #6

The Teen Titans will have to deal with new friends and enemies.

Jackson has always felt different from the rest, not only because of his sexuality but also because of his powers and he believes the Teen Titans can help him to find his place but they will also handle with their own problems.

At this point I'm certain there are two Ben Percys, one writes Green Arrow and the other writes Teen Titans.

The Percy who writes Green Arrow simply settles with handling simplistic and one-sided topics in a vain attempt of being "political" while also replacing the new aspects from the series with classic, yet derivative ones. However, the Percy who writes Teen Titans actually wants to tell a fun story with enjoyable characters and fun dialogue which is pretty evident here thanks to the entertaining interaction between all the members of the cast.

Plus, Aqualad is introduced in a pretty successful way by depicting the conflict he faces because of both his sexuality and powers and how they make him an outsider in every way while also hinting about his origin and father.

Khoi Pham's artwork is decent but not exactly the best, sometimes the characters can look good but at the same time they lack a certain detail to make them stand out.

Other than that, no complaints at all. Quite good read.

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