miércoles, 15 de marzo de 2017

Some thoughts about Super Sons #2

The Super Sons will have to deal with a threat that is out of their reach.

The Amazo Virus left more people affected than they initially thought and now one of the survivors is ready to put those abilities to test.

Much, MUCH better than the last issue.

Peter Tomasi brings a new chapter where he continues to develope the relationship between Damian and Jon and he completely rocks at it. Their dynamic is really entertaining due that they keep their own voices and they contrast pretty well with each other's. Is always a joy to see how Damian manipulates Jon and the latter reacts in the same way how a normal kid would. The way how they handled Lex Luthor was also nice to see.

The fun quickly stops though and things start getting quite serious once that they continue their investigation and find out how real everything can be which allows for more character development.

Jorge Jimenez remains in art duties and his work is still quite vibrant with a lot of energy in every scene along with expressive characters.

Really loving this. Probably one of the best reads this week.

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