miércoles, 22 de marzo de 2017

Some thoughts about The Flash #19

Whatever happened to Daniel West?

Both The Flash and Kid Flash are trying to help Captain Boomerang with his missing in the hope that he will finally tell them the truth about Wally's father fate.

This worked quite well once again.

Joshua Williamson continues his story immediately where the last chapter ended with The Flash, Kid Flash and Captain Boomerang being trapped. The action scenes are pretty solid with all the characters acting in a competent way and it was cool that Williamson still knows how to give Boomerang respect.

The best part is the character work though. There's a pretty emotional scene once that Wally learns about what happened to Daniel which creates a great moment between Barry and him which developes their relationship in both a better and worse way. My favorite moment was when Wally tells Digger he wants to know what happened to his father which automatically makes Digger feel sympathy for the kid which is probably connected to his own history concerning his father.

Jesus Merino and Carmine Di Giandomenico share art duties and the result is pretty consistent for the most part but Giandomenico's work is the most appropriate for the speed scenes. Merino is not bad but he's not great either.

Really solid and I'm excited for what is about to come.

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