miércoles, 22 de marzo de 2017

Some thoughts about Wonder Woman #19

The world needs Wonder Woman.

Diana has been found by her friends and is ready to regain her sanity just in time to save Barbara Ann from the curse of the Cheetah.

Some things worked, others didn't.

Greg Rucka continues his story about Diana getting back to normal and tried to help her friends. To be honest, the way how she regains her sanity is a bit too quick and abrupt but it doesn't affect the story too much. The characterization is still decent with most of the cast having their own moments where they show their personalities clearly enough.

The main problem for me is once again Cheetah's portrayal. Her personality is too weak, too dependant on others and it almost seems like she can't do anything for herself. Is far away from how Wonder Woman's nemesis should be portrayed and doesn't make me invested in her character at all.

Liam Sharp returns to art duties and this is probably one of his weakests works. Some of the character models look awkward and the storytelling can be even worse.

I don't think I liked this one overall, shame for this run.

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