miércoles, 8 de marzo de 2017

Some thoughts about Transformers Annual 2017

Secrets and pasts are revealed.

Optimus can't help but remember one of his best friends while Pyra Magna explains her origins to him.

Well, this was certainly a content-packed story.

John Barber utilizes this Annual to tell two stories in particular. One focused on Bumblebee and the other focusing on the Torchbearers. The Bumblebee segment is actually pretty solid exploring more about his past and how he became the person he is now. Despite of the constant focus he received around the years, Bumblebee was a character whose personality wasn't particularly evident aside from the sudden important role he received but this story manages to develope more of his own character, about the how naive, kind and courageous he can be which is as precise as anyone could hope for.

The second story about the Torchbearers also manages to give them the kind of personality they have been lacking while exploring their origins and backgrounds.

Best of all, both segments create sub-plots that are most likely going to be developed over upcoming issues of Optimus Prime and some of them seem to hint that an event is near.

Priscilla Tramontano handles the artwork and is decent with a cartoony style that can be cute at times.

Enjoyable overall, intrigued to see more of these ideas.

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