miércoles, 15 de marzo de 2017

Some thoughts about Trinity #7

Who are the biggest enemies of the Trinity?

Both Lex Luthor and Ra's Al Ghul have been summoned by Circe to face an enemy quite familiar for all of them.

Cullen Bunn's run officially begins here. My history with this particular author hasn't been the best since he wrote what I consider one of the worst books in recent times (Lobo), not to mention that he came on board just when I was enjoying Francis Manapul's work. That being said, this is a pretty solid first issue.

Bunn concentrates his writing in one of his actual strengths, villains. The characterization of Lex, Ra's and Circe is pretty solid since Bunn is able to depict their personalities perfectly while showcasing what they think about their respective archenemies. I would have prefered Bunn to choose a more classic Trinity like Lex, the Joker and Cheetah but there must be a plan for choosing a more manipulative set of antagonists.

The plot itself is not that deep but it allows for what matters the most in this opening, characterization and in that regard it can be pretty successful.

Clay Mann and Miguel Mendonca handle the artwork and they maintain a consistent style during the whole issue with expressive characters and an interesting tone.

Not bad at all, surprising actually.

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