miércoles, 29 de marzo de 2017

Some thoughts about Transformers: Till All are One #8

Windblade will need to risk her life to win.

The battle of the Titans is about to end now that Windblade gained control over Carcer but that could be the worst thing that happened to her.

This was better than the last issue I guess? But only slightly.

There's definite more content than in the last chapter so it didn't feel like the usual decompression that Mairghread Scott implements in this series. There's actually more plot progression that offers interesting plot-points and developments that bring everything to a decent conclusion.

That being said, the pacing can be a problem. The scenes jump constantly during the course of the read which affects the flow of the story and doesn't make everything too clear.

That could be because of Sara Pitre-Durocher's artwork, as I mentioned before, her artstyle is beautiful but the storytelling is not the best and the transition between panels can be off.

At least this story is finally over so we can hopefully start a new and better one.

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