miércoles, 22 de marzo de 2017

Some thoughts about Batgirl #9

Batgirl's life is getting more complicated.

Barbara tries to handle both her normal and superhero lives but she will soon realize that they're connected in more ways than she thought.

Fun issue but not without a few problems.

Hope Larson delivers a new chapter where she focuses on both superheroics and slice of life events. Both segments are written competently which gives them a pretty similar feel to the previous Burnside run which is how I wish the initial arc would have been done to create a better transition between stories. The way how the Penguin is introduced into the plot is also interesting.

That being said, the characterization is a bit off, particularly Alysia's who is portrayed as pretty angsty for reasons that I fear are related to the way how Larson wrote her during the last issue, this is a problem for me because it would make the character much more stereotypical and dramatic than it needs to be, not to mention that it would be pretty regressive considering how she progressed during the Stewart/Fletcher/Tarr's era.

No complaints about Chris Wildgoose's artwork on the other hand which is still perfect for the book thanks to his semi-cartoony style that allows for a lot of expressions and distinctive storytelling.

Not bad but I hope some things are not going the way I'm predicting.

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