jueves, 9 de marzo de 2017

Some thoughts about All-New Wolverine #18

Can Wolverine escape from her past?

Laura has just decided to not committ any more murders but she's about to be tested once that she has to face the worst person she has met.

As far as conclusions go this was a solid one.

Tom Taylor delivers the final chapter of this storyline by bringing many resolutions to plot-points. The characterization is pretty good with Laura and her new development being the focus and the fact that her new beliefs are being challenged makes it even more interesting.

Ultimately though, Taylor manages to deliver a lot of satisfying endings with the culprit of the recent murders being revealed which is also connected to the first arc of this book, the big villain being defeated appropriately and Laura progressing as a character. Plus, this was a pretty entertaining team-up between several characters that proved to be fun.

Vik Virella handles the artwork and is adequate with expressive enough characters and clear storytelling although the backgrounds could use some work.

Hope things continue this way in upcoming storylines. Nice read.

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