miércoles, 8 de marzo de 2017

Some thoughts about Earth 2: Society #22

Is this the end of Earth 2 or its beginning?

The Wonders of the world can't help but remember their tragic past but they need to do it if they want their new planet to have some fun.

Well, Earth 2 is in the right direction. Too bad this is the end.

This is not Dan Abnett's fault at all. All things considered he did the best he could with the rotten direction he inherited since James Robinson left the franchise and he still managed to give the series a bit of a right vision despite that it was doomed to fail. I do enjoy the metacommentary Abnett does based on the erratic nature of the series and how it took a lot of bad paths in the last few years which I think speaks for all of us.

That being said, the writer creates some logical developments like Helena becoming the new Batman of Earth 2 and Dick Grayson's son becoming Robin which is a nice homage to the same version of the previous Earth 2. Not to mention that the heroes actually act competent.

Vicente Cifuentes is in charge of the art and he's really underrated. He has a pretty vibrant style that creates beautiful characters and a pretty solid storytelling skill.

Shame this is over just when it seemed like it was going to improve. Better luck next time.

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