miércoles, 15 de marzo de 2017

Some thoughts about Aquaman #19

One of Aquaman's worst enemies is back.

Dead Water has resurfaced somehow and is up to Arthur and Mera to stop him but even their combined forced might not be enough.

Not much to say aside from that this was yet another satisfying entry.

Dan Abnett delivers a new chapter where he revisits the first villain he created for the book, Dead Water. Is cool that his reappearance come along with some of the plot-points that happened during the first storyarc like the fate of the Scavenger and the return of the cute and fun FBI agents from the same story.

Plus, Abnett does like to progress several of the sub-plots he created like the Aquamarines and their mission and how that is connected to the new status quo for Arthur. The way how the action keeps increasing over the course of the issue was also well-handled.

Philippe Briones is in charge of the art and he's pretty competent thanks to the his expressive characters and clean style.

Yep, decent as usual. Worth checking out.

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