miércoles, 29 de marzo de 2017

Some thoughts about All-New X-Men #19

Are the original X-Men going to return to their time?

Jean Grey has returned to help Scott feel better with himself but there's no time to waste since Hank has found a way to make them go back home.

Well, this series is over and I guess this issue follows the same path as the rest of the book.

Dennis Hopeless concludes his story by once again focusing on the classic character work that was so prevalent during this series. Some of the plot-points like the fact that Scott already knows that Emma Frost is culprit of the crimes adult Scott was blamed for receives, I wouldn't say resolution but it seems like Hopeless is leaving the door open for more exploration in the future.

Plus, the X-Men finally return to their own time and I suppose that you already know what's going to happen considering solicitations. They don't stay in the past and that's because of how time travel works in the Marvel universe which makes sense and I'm glad that plot-point is finally put to rest.

Paco Diaz handles the artwork and is pretty solid, quite expressive, vibrant and good looking.

Decent just as most issues from this title, not the best thing I've read this week but it gets the job done as a conclusion.

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