miércoles, 22 de marzo de 2017

Some thoughts about Detective Comics #953

Is Batman really going to lose?

Cassandra has just learned the truth about her mother while the rest of the team are being defeated by Lady Shiva and things are just going to get worse.

This was solid at least compared to previous chapter.

James Tynion IV continues his storyline by working on the reveal from the last issue with Cassandra reacting in a logical way considering what happened. Some of the best moments come from the interaction between the members of the cast which creates really solid character scenes, particularly the one between Clayface and Cassandra.

The action is decent enough but is not that appealing and I'm starting to think that's not Tynion's strength, at least not compared to the character work. The fight scenes are not bad but they're also not that engaging.

Christian Duce and Fernando Blanco share the pencils and the result is pretty consistent with a solid tone and storytelling but I think Blanco's work was the best.

Interesting enough but I hope this arc is done in the next one.

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