miércoles, 22 de marzo de 2017

Some thoughts about Deathstroke #15

Deathstroke will have to regain his own senses.

After his last battle, Slade has just discovered he's blind now and he will need the help of Power Girl to continue his mission.

This series keeps progressing successfuly.

Christopher Priest continues each of the different sub-plots he has created so far at a pretty nice pace while connecting each one of them. The recent development about Slade's blindness gives him an extra challenge and forces him to, er, see things in a different way. Both Rose and Jericho also have their respective moments where their own characters and stories continues to be explored.

Best of all for me though, is that Priest finally managed to give Tanya Spears, the new Power Girl, a solid characterization portraying her as an interesting young genius with a distinctive voice and motivations while her interaction with Slade is pretty entertaining.

Larry Hama handles the breakdowns while Carlo Pagulayan finishes the job and the result is a pretty expressive and detailed work.

Engaging read. Wonder how will Slade deal with his new disability.

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