miércoles, 8 de marzo de 2017

Some thoughts about Deathstroke #14

What are Deathstroke's plans?

Slade has been apparentely manipulating his whole family again and now he will have to pay for it somehow.

The story is taking its time after the last shocking cliffhanger but still progressing nicely.

Christopher Priest offers a new installment where he continues his unique form of writing by developing several segments at the same time. Just as the last issue showed, Slade is sleeping with Joey's fiancee which is certainly a relevant plot-point. Strangely enough though, Priest doesn't focus that much on that and instead developes other aspects of the story including Slade's new mission and Rose's character work which are well-depicted in their own way.

Plus, it was good to know that someone is using the new Power Girl, Tanya Spears in an interesting way. Priest is giving her probably her best portrayal yet by depicting her as an entertaining girl genious who has an enjoyable dynamic with Slade.

And that cliffhanger should be compelling to see.

Joe Bennett is in charge of the art and his style is once again quite fitting for the book thanks to the solid storytelling and clean style.

Nothing to complaint about here, really good read.

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