miércoles, 15 de marzo de 2017

Some thoughts about Ms. Marvel #16

A virus is threatening Ms. Marvel's life.

Someone has created a mysterious program able to infiltrate people's secret and now is planning to reveal them to achieve its goals.

Another solid chapter of this arc.

G. Willow Wilson continues his story by developing more about the nature of the virus and is pretty interesting in and on itself. The best part about the program is how it wasn't really developed with evil motives (although they weren't the best either) but still managed the gain life and a new motivation by itself which creates a pretty interesting scenario an antagonist for the protagonist.

The best part is once again the character work since Kamala continues her development by reconnecting with some of her friends and realizing some of their issues. One of the strongest aspects of the characterization is that finally a plot-point between two members of the cast is being addressed and it can be heartbreaking.

Takeshi Miyasawa handles the artwork and is pretty good looking and fitting thanks to his manga style that allows to a good range of expressions.

Nice read, hope the next one offers a good conclusion.

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