miércoles, 8 de marzo de 2017

Some thoughts about Detective Comics #952

What does Lady Shiva want?

Shiva has just appeared in Gotham City and is ready to take what she wants no matter who crosses her path.

Eh, this was a decent issue but not particularly impressive.

James Tynion IV continues his new storyline by instantly presenting Lady Shiva as a pretty powerful threat which has its pros and cons. The positives are that she's at least a believable antagonist for the rest of the characters to face but on the other hand, she might be a bit too overpowered compared to other characters being able to easily defeat Ra's Al Ghul and Batman single-handedly which is just ridiculous considering that she was working for the former and lost to the latter before (and no, that little retcon explanation is not enough to justify this change).

Her connection to Cassandra Cain is evident since the beginning and this creates an interesting enough motivation for both to fight but I'm not sure if it was necessary all this change.

Christian Duce handles the artwork and his style is very clean and vibrant which at times feels out of place for this kind of book.

The issue itself is not bad and has some enjoyable moments but it didn't have too many of them due that it was low in content. Not digging this arc too much so far.

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