miércoles, 29 de marzo de 2017

Some thoughts about Transformers: Lost Light #4

The Functionist Universe continues to unravel.

Rodimus and the rest are trying to return to their own dimension but to do so, they will need to save one of the most dangerous bots from this universe.

A transition issue that still offers lots of good stuff

James Roberts continues his story with a new chapter that mostly serves as a bridge between more important key moments. That being said, the writer still manages to include enough plot-points to justify this particular issue and they're mostly devoted to the character work.

Several scenes are distributed between the multiple members of the cast including Rodimus, Megatron, Anode, Lug, Whirl, Cyclonus, among others and all of them explore different aspects of each one of them that will most certainly continue in future installments and makes you invested in such development.

Jack Lawrence remains in art duties and his work is still perfect for the book thanks to his expressive characters and attention to detail which allows for solid storytelling.

Solid issue, hope the next one offers a bit more plot though.

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