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Some thoughts about The Flintstones #9

What happens when better men come to Bedrock?

Fred has just found himself fired but his boss is not exactly having the best time either, nor their personal objects for that matter.

A much better issue than the last one without a doubt.

As you might remember, Mark Russell handled topics as gender equality and politics and while it had a few accurate points, it was also pretty heavy-handed, outdated and at times one-sided. This time however, he doesn't focus on who has it worst but instead focuses on a balanced theme of how men are treated in society (which is something that not many writers want to talk about), the thing is that this time he explores such angle in a more subtle way.

The story is about how Fred becomes unemployed which ultimately brings the topic about how a man's value is measured by his job and if he's able to provide for his family or not, this is a pretty real problem that exists in society right now which has its own pros and cons but is still quite relatable. This is also seen in Mr. Slate whose value is quickly measured by the amount of money he has and if someone richer appears he will suddenly be worth nothing which of course also touches the classic theme about how money can't buy happiness. None of these themes are as in-your-face as the last ones, nor as prevalent for that matter but they're really strongly executed.

Not only that but there's also a subtle angle about slavery concerning the animals/objects people have and how they try to find happiness by caring for each other due that their masters don't even care about them. Is really well-done.

Steve Pugh brings the best of every scene thanks to his wonderful artstyle that creates great expressions and environments.

Excellent chapter. Hope the next one is just as good.

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