miércoles, 1 de marzo de 2017

Some thoughts about Green Arrow #18

Green Arrow and Speedy are together again.

Roy Harper can't help but remember the first time he met Oliver Queen and worked alongside him which will inevitably make them meet again.

Some things worked, others not so much.

For one, Ben Percy continues his run by reintegrating Roy Harper into Oliver's life and to be fair, this is not necessarily bad. The way how Roy's background is implemented is solid enough with his beginnings as a thief making him connect with Oliver while his early life as a Native American is also referenced which hopefully will bring some interesting worldbuilding in the future (not hoping for much though).

On the other hand, Percy's necessity to change things was already annoying and things go the extra mile here. Sure, Roy's background certainly contradicts some of the early stuff but that's not what bothers me the most, what bothers me the most is how apparently he's ignoring Jeff Lemire's Count Vertigo to reintroduce the more classic version which I respond with: F*CK THAT! Lemire's version was way more compelling and I doubt Percy will improve on that.

Eleonora Carlini handles the artwork and is competent with expressive characters and a precise storytelling.

Seriously though, what's the deal with ignoring the best parts of Lemire's run? It was the perfect reinvention and Percy continues to go for a more predictable route with worse execution and ideas. Is just underwhelming.

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