jueves, 2 de marzo de 2017

Some thoughts about Hawkeye #4

Can Hawkeye save her new friend from a crazy cult?

Kate has just found out who is the one behind the kidnappings and she will need all the help in the world to survive this and what is about to come.

Yeah, this was a pretty nice ending for a competent opening arc.

Kelly Thompson offers the last chapter of her initial storyline by focusing on a few twists here and there. For one, the villain is the not a predictable one (nor a particularly surprising one but still) and the writer uses him in a pretty adequate way while planting the seeds for upcoming storylines that are connected to Kate.

Is always worth mentioning the fun and engaging dialogue that Thompson implements in the story that makes the read much more enjoyable. Is pretty distinctive while not feeling forced and captures Kate's sarcastic and fun voice perfectly.

Leonardo Romero handles the artwork and is pretty good looking in a classic Hawkeye way with a great variety of expressions and a strong storytelling.

Solid conclusion for a solid start, gonna keep reading.

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