miércoles, 1 de marzo de 2017

Some thoughts about Death of Hawkman #6

Is this really the end?

Hawkman and Adam Strange are decided to stop Despero no matter what and it might take one life to do so.

Well, we all know how this was going to end.

Marc Andreyko delivers the final chapter of this miniseries by delivering on its premise, the death of Hawkman was inevitable and I'm not really sad about it since the New 52 incarnation was pretty flawed due to an inconsistent direction for the character. Andreyko's goal was to make the relationship between Katar and Adam's strong enough so the death of the former would have some weight and in that regard I guess it got the job done, not in a great manner but it still was acceptable.

The plot itself about Despero wasn't really deep and it seems like a temporary solution to defeat him considering what happens at the end which is not really a satisfying ending. Oh, but Isamot is not actually dead at least.

Aaron Lopresti continues on art duties and his work is still quite solid with expressive characters and a clean style.

This wasn't bad nor great, it did a decent job at creating an enjoyable enough story at least.

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