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Some thoughts about Green Arrow #22

Can Green Arrow save Seattle from itself?

The Four Horsemen have appeared and they're decided to take the city in the name of Ninth Circle and they're not going to let Oliver stop them.

You know, I could talk about many things here.

I could tell you how Ben Percy simply can't write villains to save his life or even more important, those villain's value. For example, for some reason Eddie Fyers starts presenting his allies to Ollie by describing them by their current roles as Horsemen, despite that Ollie already know them, and each one of them also mention their particular names in that organization. Let alone the fact that such dialogue is heavyhanded and terrible, not to mention that all of them take themselves too seriously for their own good, THOSE ARE NOT THEIR PERSONALITIES! Eddie doesn't act like that, Brick doesn't act like that, Cheshire doesn't act like that, nobody acts like that!

I could also tell you about the blunt parody of Donald Trump that exists here because this is Percy and this is the way of he handles "political" topics, and is getting incredibly tiring.

But no, what I'm going to tell you is what bothers me the most, about how Black Canary keeps telling Oliver that losing his fortune was the right thing! She tells him that everything that he has done for Seattle since he lost his fortune was for the better and he NEVER did something as good before.

That is BECAUSE YOU WEREN'T THERE DINAH! You weren't there when Oliver face Komodo or The Outsiders or The Longbow Hunters or anything great that happened during Lemire's run and for some reason Oliver is not smart enough to present these counterarguments because Percy NEEDS to present his side of the argument in the most totalitarian and one-sided way possible.

(By the way, is there a term called "Womansplaining"? Because that's pretty much what's happening here).

Juan Ferreyra handles the artwork and I don't like his character models but he does have a good style and solid storytelling.

Terrible, just terrible. Die, just die.

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