jueves, 11 de mayo de 2017

Some thoughts about All-New Wolverine #20

Can Wolverine defeat a virus?

A mysterious child has come to Earth and has brought a terrible disease with her which is killing people everywhere, worst of all, everything appears to be connected to Laura.

This storyline keeps getting better and better.

Tom Taylor arrives with a new chapter where he expands the plot-point he created during the last one, about the little girl who brought a virus to the world. Despite of how abrupt that sub-plot was introduced in the last issue, I thought it was handled quite nicely here. The story progresses at a fast pacing based on such premise which is full of action and even comedic moments.

The characterization is once again one of the best things about this book and is, as usual, centered about Gabby and her cute reactions and relationship with Laura. Everything is handled quite well.

Leonard Kirk is in charge of the pencils and his work is okay but not particularly beautiful, the character models are not that good looking nor polished while the storytelling is decent but not great.

Other than that, quite entertaining issue. Excited for the next one.

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