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Some thoughts about Moon Knight #14

Can Moon Knight fight his biggest fear?

Khonshu has decided to finally get rid of Marc but what he doesn't know is that Marc doesn't need him anymore.

Well, that happened. The final chapter of Jeff Lemire's Moon Knight is here. Just like in many of his works, Lemire tried to destroy a character's world to rebuild it better than ever and in many instances just like in this one, it has been a success.

This chapter in particular deals with the eternal question of: "Is Moon Knight crazy or not?" and it does more than address it, it actually reveals the truth behind it and to be honest, I think it works really well. Sure, the mystery behind Khonshu and Marc's fractured mind has always been one of the most interesting aspects of the character but after years and years of exploring such concept is great to have a definite answer.

More importantly though, this represents Marc Spector for a whole new generation. A person who knows he has issues, a person who realizes his own mental problems but doesn't let them stop him, someone who has decided to fight against his own illness to become better. Is a real example of how a man who has a mental disability can actually progress and ultimately be happy which can be really powerful in this day and age.

Greg Smallwood handles the artwork once again and he's still perfect for the story due that he interprets Lemire's script in a really effective manner and in some cases elevates it thanks to his storytelling.

Great conclusion and character development for Moon Knight. Lemire has done for Marc Spector what he did for Oliver Queen in Green Arrow and while the changes for the latter sadly didn't last, I'm hoping that the former has better luck.

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