miércoles, 17 de mayo de 2017

Some thoughts about Green Arrow #23

Green Arrow's world is being destroyed.

Ollie is still trying to save Seattle from the Four Horsemen but even with the help of his friends, he might be too late already.

Well, what else can I say besides of the obvious?

Ben Percy continues his erratic story about the development of Star City in a not so adequate way. To be fair, the idea of making Star City a dark mirror of the original is not bad per se but the execution is key as usual and that's where Percy tends to fail. The pacing is too jumpy at times fluctuating between different segments without enough time to appreciate the little moments and thus creates a quite uneven read.

However, the worst aspect continues to be the characterization. I already expressed my issues about how the villains are handled here but worst of all, Percy continues to force the idea of how Oliver continues to be wrong about everything just because he was rich and how Dinah is right about everything because... reasons that are poorly explained aside from simply saying "She's right because she pushes the ideology I'm trying to sell!" which of course doesn't manage to create an actual interesting conflict between beliefs.

Juan Ferreyra remains in art duties and again, solid storytelling but not really good looking character models. History of his work.

That being said, this was still not as bad as the last chapter since it portrays some interactions decently but it still handles things awkwardly.

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