viernes, 12 de mayo de 2017

Recommendations from the week May 10th 2017

In the following order:
  1. Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps #20: Pure fun.
  2. Wonder Woman #20: Ditto as the last one.
  3. All-Star Batman #10: Solid use of villains once again.
  4. New Superman #11: Good worldbuilding.
  5. Red Hood and the Outlaws #10: Great character work.
  6. Ms. Marvel #18: Enjoyable one-shot.
  7. Gotham Academy: Second Semester #9: Promising beginning of the story.
  8. All-New Wolverine #20: Enjoyable chapter.
  9. Transformers: Lost Light #5: Good character work but the story needs to be done.
  10. Batgirl and the Birds of Prey #10: Good team dynamics.
  11. Titans #11: Solid beginning of the crossover.
  12. Superwoman #10: Decent but nothing more than that.
No recommendations for Detective Comics because it doesn't save the uneven storyline nor Supergirl because it was awkward nor Justice League of America because of the same reasons nor Old Man Logan because of lack of content.

Great week though.

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