miércoles, 17 de mayo de 2017

Some thoughts about Harley Quinn #20

Can Harley Quinn survive the threat from the future?

Harley is still dealing with the recent murders that happened around town and now her own life is in peril since a woman related to Batman has come for her.

Sadly, it suffers from the same problems as the last couple of issues.

Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner deliver a new chapter where they continue to focus on the multiple sub-plots they have created including the cannibal gang, Harley Sinn and the Batwoman from the future. All these stories progress at a nice pace with the usual dose of humour that you expect from the book and they're enjoyable at the very least.

The problem is that I feel like the content is lacking once again due to the two segments this book is offering. There's enough content in this particular section but I feel like previous issues were much better in that regard.

John Timms and Joseph Michael Linsner handle the art and they work nicely in their respective sections but I continue to prefer Timms' work.

There's yet another second segment focusing on the Joker and Harley by Paul Dini and is actually quite fun with charming moments and it almost makes me buy the romance between the two, almost. Bret Blevins remains in art duties and once again, his cartoony style is perfect for this.

Not bad but I wish some stories would offer more overall.

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