sábado, 20 de mayo de 2017

Some thoughts about Cave Carson has a Cybernetic Eye #8

War is upon us.

Cave has just awaken and has found out that people around him are starting to die. Now is up to him to find a way to save everyone.

Compared to the last issue, this one is not as strong but still had its moments.

Gerard Way and Jon Rivera arrive with a new chapter where they focus their energies in character work and emotional moments. Sure, there's a few scenes of move the plot forward and the usual creativity that you can expect but the highlight come from the little scenes where the characters interact with each other which offer heartwarming panels and even the tragic ones where some of them die in horrible ways.

Unfortunately, I don't think the story moved too much since the last issue. The villains are getting more control over the people but aside from that and the characterization, there's not a lot in terms of plot progression.

Michael Avon Oeming remains in art duties and once again, his work is fantastic with a great skill at depicting the most bizarre aspects of the script.

Solid but I hope the next one offers a bit more.

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