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Some thoughts about Trinity Annual #1

The Trinity will have to face one of their biggest threats yet.

Circe has just unleashed the demon Etrigan towards the world and the only way to stop him is to do an ultimate sacrifice.

Sooooo, can anyone tell me the point of this story? Because I just don't see it.

Rob Williams is now writing this book for reasons I can't understand since he's pretty much one of the least appropriate persons to handle it. Why would you ask? Well, Williams has his own sort of flaws that I've already mentioned in the past (letting his ideas overcome a story, unnatural dialogue, etc.) and there's a lot of that here but the most baffling part of it is how he actually gets rid of some previously plot-points.

For one, Williams simply disregards the alliance that Lex Luthor, Ra's Al Ghul and Circe formed during Cullen Bunn's story from this book in the most anticlimactic way possible (Bunn has his own flaws but I thought he did good here and is shame to see such a good idea being dropped). This is mostly done to make the Trinity face Etrigan in a rather unremarkable story that forces Jason Blood to bond with the demon once again in a manner that actually makes it seem that the Trinity is doing something terrible, despite that wasn't the intention, due that they're obligating Jason to continue with his curse when is pretty obvious that he doesn't want to.

Oh, and Red Hood, Artemis and Bizarro appear at the end as another idea that Circe had for her Dark Trinity but considering that takes place in another book and most likely won't be written by Williams, all of this comes out of nowhere and makes no sense.

Guillem March's artwork was decent with expressive and beautiful character models and strong action scenes.

A bunch of ideas being thrown together in an unsatisfying result, typical Williams stuff.

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