miércoles, 17 de mayo de 2017

Some thoughts about The Wild Storm #4

The plans are coming into fruition.

Henry Bendix is revealing his status and influence around the world while the other organizations are trying to control the dangers that are about to come.

Okay, some of the usual problems but I still liked this one better than the last few issues.

Warren Ellis continues the long game with yet another issue where things are barely moving. Mind you, the writer utilizes the issue to present more perspectives about the story based on the characters who appear here but the plot still progresses quite slowly with barely anything important actually occurring.

That being said, I did enjoy how things worked out here, particularly due to the appearance of Henry Bendix since Ellis injects a lot of personality into the classic Stormwatch mastermind that makes his appearance instantly enjoyable, every scene where he appeared was great to watch. Also, while the story itself is not moving much, there are still little plot-points and hints about where the plot is going, is a slow build-up but a build-up nonetheless.

Jon Davis-Hunt remains in art duties and his work is still pretty solid with expressive characters, strong storytelling and a clean style.

Good read but I still think this should go faster.

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