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Some thoughts about Teen Titans: The Lazarus Contract Annual #1

Can Deathstroke change the past?

Slade is decided to save his son no matter what but the ramifications of this might be bigger than he expected.

Oh boy, I don't think I liked this one.

Is not necessarily because is badly-written, I mean, it has it issues but I don't think is badly written since this is pretty much a Christopher Priest Deathstroke story with all the classic storytelling that you can expect from the book and it actually has some solid character moments that are pretty accurate to how Priest has been developing his run.

The problem is the ramifications, particularly how they affect classic Wally West. For one, Damian had to momentarily kill him in the past to stop Slade's speed and for that reason now the Wally from the present has a pacemaker to help his heart and that means that his speed could kill him... again which reminds me of some of the worst moments from the old New Teen Titans series. This crossover has not been kind to Wally.

Speaking of which, I can't believe that people are not blaming Damian for this, he deserves all the blame he can get. Not to mention that they simply let Slade go because he said he won't be Deathstroke anymore. Hello? Didn't he just threaten all existence? Are you seriously going to let him go just because he said he won't do it anymore?

The art is solid for the most part with Paul Pelletier handling the main segment and showing great skill at drawing character moments and action scenes. Brett Booth and Khoi Pham did a decent job during their little sections.

Yeah, I don't know if this crossover was truly necessary. It started well but the consequences are too bad for my taste.

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