miércoles, 17 de mayo de 2017

Some thoughts about Nightwing #21

Nightwing and The Flash are together once again.

Wally has just paid a visit to Bludhaven and there's no better way to spend the time but with his best friend. However, things are never going to get easy for them.

One-and-done story and is surprisingly solid at it.

Michael McMillian replaces Tim Seeley for this issue to deliver a team-up between Nightwing and The Flash and is quite enjoyable in that regard. McMillian gets the characters perfectly as well as their interactions by making every conversation between the two quite entertaining. Even the nature of Bludhaven is explored here in a solid way.

Not only that but the issue delivers a huge amount of content. The character segments are just part of it since the story also focus on the fight against a typical supervillain (while making fun of such premise) and even offering some sub-plots that will continue in the future and creating a satisfying conclusion for the encounter.

Christian Duce handles the artwork and is quite good with a vibrant style and expressive characters along with precise storytelling.

Really fun, wouldn't mind more stories like this.

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