miércoles, 3 de mayo de 2017

Some thoughts about The Flintstones #11

Can The Flintstones endure their neighborhood?

New people have moved near to Fred's house and they apparently don't approve his lifestyle but there might be more problems aside from those.

Loved this so much.

Okay, compared to previous issues, this handled simpler topics. Mark Russell uses this new chapter to pretty much make fun of hipsters but while he does so in a kinda predictable way, he also uses it to explore other concepts like how they can be homophobic despite of believing themselves to have a higher moral than others. Mind you, I don't think these aspects necessarily connect to each other but it also manages to explore two different themes in an interesting way.

Plus, there's also a side-story focusing on Gazoo and the idea of profiling which is surprisingly strong and accurate while showing how it can be used negatively from both sides. Is a balanced take.

Steve Pugh remains in art duties and his work is still perfect for this book thanks to his detailed style and expressive characters. Plus, I got a good laugh from Barney's fabulous statue.

Enjoyable read once again, shame we're near to the end.

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