miércoles, 17 de mayo de 2017

Some thoughts about Aquaman #23

Is Aquaman cursed to lose his throne?

After recent events, Atlantis has decided that Arthur is no longer fit to rule them and so they have chosen a new King although Mera and Arthur might have something to say about it.

Well, this story is taking a predictable yet interesting enough twist.

Yes, we have seen several times in the past how Arthur loses his kingdom despite that he always to do the best for them which most recently happened during Cullen Bunn's ill-received run. That being said, Dan Abnett has been doing a decent job at building-up Atlantis and has been developing the story to this logical point so I don't see any reason to not follow this.

The execution itself is solid since the writer utilizes several of the plot-points he has been implementing since the beginning of his run including the multiple characters that he introduced which makes you appreciate the long-term planning that has been creating here. Plus, it seems like he's teasing an even bigger event which is probably connected to Geoff Johns' Rise of the Seven Seas event.

Scot Eaton is in charge of the pencils and once again, his work is solid with expressive characters, clean style and clear storytelling.

Good stuff overall, interested in this direction.

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