miércoles, 10 de mayo de 2017

Some thoughts about New Superman #11

The Justice League of China is about to lose.

Kenan is getting used to his new powers and he's ready to brag about them. However, once that a new enemy appears he will soon realize he will need more help.

New storyarc and so far is a promising one.

Gene Luen Yang delivers a new chapter where he focuses on the ongoing development of Kenan's character and abilities. The way how he starts generating supespeed is pretty on-point with the mythos that are being introduced in this book as well with classic Superman powers. Not to mention that the way how the new Speedster is portrayed here is also really appropriate considering how the Speed Force works.

Plus, this installment offered a lot of content once again which is centered in several segments distributed in the whole cast and all of them receive great moments including a surprise towards the end.

Billy Tan handles the artwork and is not that good sadly, it looks a bit rushed and unclear at times which makes the storytelling kinda poor.

Other than that, another enjoyable issue and makes me interested in the next one.

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